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Pregnant woman in the park as an example of maternity photos atlanta

Choosing a maternity photo session is the perfect way to capture this extraordinary time in your life. You’re growing a whole person and the love you feel for your baby grows every day too! This is an experience you’ll want to remember forever. Choosing what to wear for your maternity photos Atlanta can be difficult because your body is different and you’re busy getting ready for a new baby. Here are a few simple tips for choosing what to wear for maternity photos Atlanta.

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What should I wear for my Maternity Photos Atlanta?

When choosing what to wear for your maternity photos think long, flowy, and neutral. Dresses that photograph beautifully for a maternity session are not necessarily dresses that you would wear every day or typically envision yourself wearing. Some great places to shop for flowy, bump friendly dresses are Nothing Fits But and Morning Lavender.

Pregnant woman with family in the park as an example of maternity photos atlanta

Say Yes to the Dress

When dressing your family for maternity photos in Atlanta, choose mom’s outfit first. Dresses photograph beautifully on expectant mamas. Choose a maxi or ankle length dress that is flowy. After you’ve chosen your dress you can pick outfits for the family that compliment your outfit. Choose outfits that coordinate but not outfits that match perfectly. For husband and littles, choose different patterns and textures that all go together to add depth to your photos.

Don’t Be Afraid to Dress it Up

This is your chance to wear that gorgeous long flowy dress you’ve been admiring. There is no such thing as too dressed up for your maternity photos. You can choose from gorgeous dresses at Anthropologie, Pink Blush, or choose from our exclusive studio wardrobe of curated dresses for new and expecting mamas.

Choose Neutral Colors

When choosing what colors to wear for your maternity session, I always love to go with soft, neutral tones that place the focus on you and the love you and the love in your family. When choosing soft neutral tones the focus will be on you and your sweet baby bump rather than the dress. When choosing your outfits you should also think about how you want to look and what you want to do with your photos after your session. If you want your photos on the walls of your home, choose colors that will compliment the colors in your home.

I recommend shades of white or cream, greys, soft pinks, soft blues in solids or small floral patterns. If you choose a dress with patterns, go with florals that are small so they do not distract from you. I also love dresses with some nice texture like the gauzy texture of dresses from Nothing Fits But.

Flatter your Features

Every woman has areas that they are self conscious about and parts about themself that they love! If you know that you’re self conscious about your arms, choose a dress with sleeves. Long sleeves create a slimming on arms and we carry so many long sleeved options that photograph wonderfully on expectant mamas.

Choose a Photographer with a Studio Wardrobe- The CSP Experience

Choosing the right dress for yourself can be overwhelming with so many options out there to choose from. You can spend hours searching for dresses, buying and returning dresses, and then feeling uncertain about how they will photograph. We love taking work off of your plate so that you can enjoy your session with your family. We offer a selection of over 50 dresses for mama and have a growing selection of outfits for little ones up to age 8.

We include a portrait planning appointment before your session where you can choose your dress and then we style the rest of your family! You’ll arrive at your session in your comfy outfit and change into your dress that you know photographs beautifully because we’ve chosen each of our dresses carefully with the sole purpose of portraits in mind. Most of our dresses work beautifully for pregnant and postpartum mamas.

What to wear for maternity photos Atlanta

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In addition to our exclusive client wardrobe, when you book a portrait session with us we include complimentary hair and makeup, and an ordering appointment where we will design your custom artwork that so that you can cherish your memories in your home for a lifetime.

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  1. I’m also a huge fan of neutrals – they are timeless and never go out of style. I love your tips!

  2. Tracy Miller says:

    How fabulous to not have to worry about shopping for a dress or figuring out wardrobe for the rest of the family – that’s a huge burden that you’ve lifted off mama’s shoulders!

  3. Such helpful tips on what to wear! And great pictures!

  4. Ashlie says:

    Say YES to the dress! Love it! I love a good flowy dress that beautifully shows off the bump!

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