5 Benefits of an In-home session for your Newborn Photos in Atlanta

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Woman sitting with newborn baby as an example of newborn photos in ATlanta

A lifestyle newborn session can take place in your home or in a studio. When deciding where to have your newborn photos in Atlanta you may want to consider an in home lifestyle newborn session. In home lifestyle sessions are a beautiful way to capture your memories with your new baby and family in the comfort of your home. I’ve put together a list of benefits to having your Atlanta newborn photos in your home.

1. Convenience

When choosing where to have take your newborn photos in Atlanta you can’t get more convenient than the comfort of your own home. If you have toddlers or if you’re having a planned C section, this is a great way to be able to relax and not have to drive anywhere for your portrait session.

2. A Relaxing Atmosphere

You are at your most comfortable in your home. You’ve designed your home to be a space you love and you feel happy when you’re in it. Your children love being home. Adding a new baby into the family changes the dynamic for your children and having your Atlanta newborn photos at home is the perfect way to make it a relaxing experience for your whole family.

3. Personalizes your Images

If you love the way you’ve decorated your home and it suites your family well then you’ll love having it as the backdrop for your family’s images. If you want to have your newborn photos in Atlanta that are unique and different from everyone else’s then choose an in home newborn session.

That nursery you spent months dreaming up, designing on pinterest, investing all of your time in: make it the backdrop for your beautiful memories with your sweet new family member. You’ll be able to look back on your portraits and remember being in that space and how you felt with your family.

4. Hair and Make Up in your Home

When you book your Atlanta newborn photos with us we take care of all of the details. We will send hair and make up to your home to pamper you before your session. You’ll get to relax while you get ready for your photo session and then we’ll bring dresses from our client wardrobe right to you to wear for your session. You won’t have to go anywhere throughout the whole process.

5. Variety

If you choose an in home newborn session for your newborn photos in Atlanta, you have the choice of any spot in your home. You have variety in backgrounds. You can take some images in the nursery and then move into the bedroom for some cozy photos on the bed together or grab some cute shots in the family room. As long as you have a beautiful spot in your home with natural light you can use any spot in your home!

Woman with newborn baby as an example of newborn photos in Atlanta

If you’re in your second trimester and you’re looking for an Atlanta maternity photographer check out our work here. We are here to make the portrait planning process stress free and give you a luxurious photography experience from start to finish. You can also check out our top 10 date night ideas in Atlanta before baby. You can also check out this post on the top places to get a prenatal massage in Atlanta for some prenatal pampering.

When you book a portrait session with us you will have access to our exclusive client wardrobe, a portrait planning meeting, complimentary hair and makeup, and an ordering appointment where we will design your custom artwork that so that you can cherish your memories in your home for a lifetime.

If you’re debating between an in home or a studio newborn session, be sure to check out this post with the 5 reasons to have a studio newborn session to help you decide!



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