CSP Client Wardrobe

Once your session is reserved we will meet to choose from a collection of beautiful dresses for you and outfits for your children. We' will discuss your artwork preferences and choose a location.

In about 10 weeks your gorgeous artwork will be ready to enjoy in your home!

2-3 weeks after your session we will meet to view your light and timeless images. You will get to order your images, albums, and framed prints for your home. CSP Mamas invest 1350+ at each ordering appointment.

Our hair and makeup artist will pamper you and help you get ready for your session. You will have a relaxing time capturing memories with your family.

A luxurious and stress-free newborn and family photography experience for busy Atlanta mothers who want to create a legacy through custom printed artwork, one session at a time. 

Hair and Make-up

Design and Ordering Appointment

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Postpartum Kit

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Linen & Leather albums are the most perfectly curated way to treasure your favorite images every day. These albums are printed and bound using only the finest materials and ready to be passed down to future generations as part of your legacy.

Heirloom Albums

the Artwork

Your family's story told through a series of fine art prints custom framed by hand in your choice of solid wood moulding. 

Gallery Walls

the Artwork—

Some of our life biggest moments need a large piece all on its own displayed prominently in your home. From modern to traditional or rustic and distressed each piece we design with your family and home in mind complete with installation.

Statement Art

the Artwork—

Enjoy and share your authentic and timeless images in any location! 

Digital Images

the Artwork—

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We can't wait to pamper you mama! If you're ready for an exclusive luxury Atlanta portrait photography experience and you're ready to create a legacy through custom printed artwork, schedule a chat to learn more!

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You MUST book her now! We have zero regrets.”

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A stress-free luxury portrait session where we will take care of every detail for you, from wardrobe to professional hair and makeup to custom framing and album design

Single SEssion

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Our Baby's First Year Collection is the most popular choice for our families who are expecting a new baby. This includes four full length sessions to capture each milestone within baby's first year. Most popularly selected are maternity, newborn, 6 month, and 1 year