5 Secrets to Keeping Your Toddler Happy During your Family Portraits in Atlanta


Family in the park as an example of Family Portraits in Atlanta

Are you getting ready to book your Family Portraits in Atlanta? As a mama of two toddlers, I know how difficult it can be to get little ones to cooperate for photos. We invest our time and money into a photo session so that we can hold on to some sweet memories of our babies while they’re little and then worry that we won’t get that picture perfect memory that we want. I’ve been there and I have put together my tips and tricks to helping you and your family not only to have a great time making memories but also get you some gorgeous pictures to remember that sweet time.

1. Choose an experienced Photographer

When you are looking for a photographer for your family portraits in Atlanta, look at your photographer’s portfolio. Do they have a portfolio with little ones? Have they had experience working with kids? Having a photographer who enjoys being with kids and relating to them helps your kids to relax and feel comfortable in front of the camera!

2. Coach your family on What to Expect

Tell your children all about what they will be doing that day. Talk up your family portraits in Atlanta! Tell them your photographer’s name, where you are going, and how you are going to have so much fun! Practice smiling for the camera and talk about what they’re going to wear for their session!

3. Plan out your Day

Plan out your session day ahead of time. Do you have little ones who will need a late or an early nap? Do they need to eat an early dinner? The day of your session is going to add a change to your routine which always has the capability of adding stress into yours and your children’s day. Setting a plan ahead of time for the day of your family portraits in Atlanta will help ease some of the stress. Plan ahead when the children will take their naps, when meals will need to happen, when you will need to leave the house, and pack your outfits and snacks ahead of time.

4. Bring your Children’s Favorite Snacks

Feed your kiddos before the session, and always bring water and snacks. Even if they’ve just eaten, bring a snack to your family portraits in Atlanta. I love cheerios or mini marshmallows because they’re small and don’t make a mess and I always bring some with me to a session! Avoid snacks that melt or change their mouths a different color. Many a frown has been turned upside down using a snack during a session! It also makes a great reward during a session.

It may seem like a great idea to tell your little one that they are going to get a treat at the end of your session but that’s a long time for a toddler to wait. Instead, bring small, easy to eat treats that don’t make a mess so your child can be rewarded frequently during their session.

Two children in the park as an example of Family portraits in Atlanta

5. Trust your Photographer’s Expertise

Communicate your expectations to your photographer before your session and then let them take the reigns. You hired them for your family portraits in Atlanta because of their expertise. So relax and enjoy the time with your family. You’ll leave your session feeling stress free and you will get a session full of memories.

Mom and daughter in the park as an example of family portraits in atlanta by Atlanta family photographer

6. Let your kids be kids!

Do your kids love playing with rocks? Do they love tickling each other? Great! Go with the flow and trust your photographer to capture the most beautiful images of your kids being themselves! You’re going to get some wonderful images of everyone smiling at the camera. There will also be magic made while your kids are having fun! And as a bonus, they won’t leave the session stressed out and neither will you! You may find that your favorite images from your family portraits in Atlanta are the ones where your kids are being silly and showing off their personality.

Husband and wife with son in the park as an example of family portraits in atlanta

We love helping you decrease stress and enjoy making some beautiful memories for you and your family to cherish forever. When you are getting ready for your family portraits in Atlanta, choosing what to wear can feel overwhelming. We offer our mamas a client wardrobe full of dresses that photograph beautifully as well as outfits for your little ones. Before your session we offer a planning meeting where we will style you and your whole family so you can show up and have a beautiful dress waiting for you!

When you book a portrait session with us you will have access to our exclusive client wardrobe, a portrait planning meeting, and an ordering appointment where we will design your custom artwork that so that you can cherish your memories in your home for a lifetime.



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