Hatch Rest

One of my favorite gifts I received was the Hatch Rest Sound machine. It is blue tooth enabled so that you can control settings from your phone. You can set timers for the sound to turn off and on and turn the lights on from your phone. For nights like fourth of July when there is a lot of outside noise, you can increase the volume of the white noise from your phone. When your little one grows you can even set the light to turn on when they are allowed to get up to come out of their room.

Ollie Swaddle

There are tons of swaddles and techniques on the market. While originally thought the Ollie was overpriced to purchase for myself, I was given it as a gift, and I’m a believer! This swaddle was the only one that both of my babies weren’t constantly breaking out of. The Velcro helps it to stay secure, while not being as cumbersome and difficult to figure out as other brands. It is a simple and yet genius design that’s easy to use, breathable, and comfortable for baby.

Newton Baby Mattress

This mattress was a must for me. This mattress is completely breathable and made of a mesh core with a totally washable cover AND core. You can take off the cover, throw it in the washer, and clean the entire mattress core in the shower if needed. You can even use it without a crib sheet! It is comfortable and safe for my little ones.

Baby Bottom Spatula and Bordeaux’s Butt Paste

This is a weird sounding one, but hear me out. I was sent the spatula as a gift and I thought I would never use it. Diaper cream is oil based and difficult to get off your hands and clothes. The spatula has a suction cup on the bottom so you can stick it to your changing table for easy access. Bordeaux’s Butt Paste was my hero for my son’s constant diaper rashes. It works like a dream. And the baby spatula made the constant applications a breeze!


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