5 Reasons to choose Atlanta Birth Center

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Expecting a new baby comes with a lot of decisions and new experiences. Choosing where to get prenatal care and give birth is a big decision. Choosing a birth center is a safe and holistic way to give birth for many women. Atlanta Birth Center offers a safe alternative to a hospital birth and provides exceptional care. Here are 5 reasons to choose Atlanta Birth Center for your prenatal care and birth.

What is a Birthing Center?

A birthing center is a great birthing option for many women. The American Association of Birth Centers describes a birth center as a health care facility for childbirth where care is provided in the midwifery and wellness model. Birth centers are freestanding and not in a hospital.

How is a Birthing Center Different than a Hospital?

Birth centers are freestanding units and are typically led by certified nurse midwives who work in collaboration with other health care professionals. Birthing centers use a comfortable home like birthing suite where as a hospital birthing room looks and feels like a typical hospital room with typical medical interventions available such as epidurals and IV pain medication.

5 Reasons to Choose Atlanta Birth Center

1. A Holistic Approach

Atlanta Birth Center , one of few birthing centers in Georgia, offers a holistic program that provides comprehensive care from before your first prenatal appointment and continues through your prenatal care, birth, and postpartum period. Atlanta Birth Center provides evidence based care from a team of professionals and invites your family to help participate in your care making it one of the best birthing centers in Atlanta.

2. A Safe Alternative to a Hospital

Atlanta Birth Center provides a safe environment that is warm, caring, and home-like. During your labor and birth Atlanta Birth Center provides labor, birth and postpartum care in a comfortable birth suite with a Certified Nurse Midwife and Registered nurse birth assistant. Atlanta Birth Center has a screening process to ensure that mamas are candidates to give birth outside of a hospital and have procedures in place to transfer if and when it is necessary. This birth center near me provides a safe and natural approach to birthing. Mamas can choose to labor and birth in different positions as desired, hydrotherapy in the tub or shower during labor, and a water birth. They also offer immediate skin-to-skin care and delayed cord clamping routinely unless medical issues arise.

3. Comprehensive Prenatal Care

This Birth Center in Atlanta provides a comprehensive prenatal model of care that includes standard prenatal testing and care as well as comprehensive education throughout your pregnancy and access to midwifery care and phone consultations throughout your pregnancy.

Man and Woman holding newborn baby as an example of Birth Center Atlanta

4. Midwifery Model of Care

The midwifery model of care utilizes certified nurse midwives who consult with other health care professionals while providing a holistic healthcare approach. According to research, the midwifery model leads to many benefits including having a “supportive relationship” with your provider during labor and birth, increased rates of breastfeeding, and the ability to feel more in control during labor, as well as many other benefits.

5. Mamas Love Atlanta Birth Center

Moms surveyed about their experience at Birth Center Atlanta have wonderful things to say about their birth there. You are able to have family and friends present at your birth. Moms have described their experience as supportive, nurturing, and a relaxing atmosphere. Mamas giving birth at Atlanta Birth Center receive excellent medical care while also enjoying a patient and family centered pregnancy and birth experience.

5 Reasons to Choose Atlanta Birth Center

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